1. What happens if a customer has a defective product?

All products are backed by an “Automatic Over-The-Counter” exchange policy and are covered by the product manufacturer’s standard warranties. If any product is purchased and returned by your customer and found to be defective in workmanship and/or material, you the dealer, can automatically accept the defective merchandise and provide the customer with a replacement. Dealer Services will back your “Over-The-Counter” exchange decision. In the event that you receive a defective item, contact your Dealer Services Specialist for further return/credit details. Dealer Services reserves the right to request defective product to be returned freight prepaid within 30 days before credit is issued. Dealer Services does not reimburse for labor costs.

2. What type of warranty do Affiliated Products carry?

All products carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty. The products are manufactured by separate and various companies that issue their own warranties and perform obligations under said warranties. If available, the specific warranty provisions are packaged with the products prior to shipping and shall be delivered with the products. Products offered through the Affiliated Products Program are not manufactured by Nissan or Infiniti and are not Genuine Nissan or Infiniti Accessories; therefore, Nissan USA or Infiniti USA is not responsible for warranty or labor of products offered through the Affiliated Products Program. The Affiliated Products Program does not reimburse labor costs on warranty claims.

Affiliated Products are aftermarket parts and accessories and are not Genuine Nissan or Infiniti Parts and Accessories. They are warranted by their respective (third party) manufacturer and/or distributor. These aftermarket parts and accessories are NOT warranted by Warren Distribution, Inc. or Nissan North America, U.S.A., Inc.

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